Yet Another Second Gen O.o

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So as most of you probuletly dont know, about three weeks ago I hit a patch of black ice on my way out with my Girlfriend im my every day driver car (merc, sable) and totaled it on a tree :(. The Ice was actuletly so bad there that both Police cruizers responding slid off the road into the snow bank, and one almost rolled, in addition to the ambulance getting stuck after it got to the scene. So i took the opertunity to go out and look for a car that I liked and did good in the snow as I live in New England, when that Mission failed I walked down the street and bought this puppy from a local used car dealership.

It is a 01 1500 with a 5.2L. it has about 60k less miles than the blue beast, alot more features, cover on bed, and in great shape all the way down to the undercarige has NO RUST..... so now my back yard looks like this

I have to say i like it, and im not sure what ill do with the Blue one yet but for the time being the Maroon one is my new and primary truck (or any car for that matter) and I am going to start the mods soon

First mod, new stereo. I managed to pull my $200 stereo from my old car before they took it.
It also has brand new Toyos on it (only 3 miles on them lol)

I also gotta give her a name so if you got one let me know
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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