Baking Headlights Info Needed

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Hey guys. Just wondering if someone has a step by step for how to bake the headlights and the tear down and re install. Thanks
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250, 18 minutes, start at the bottom corner, towards the grill. Yank them apart. Remove ALL old glue, it is not reusable on the 06+ headlights. Reseal with butyl rubber.

Tip - put the bezel back in the lens before you attempt to seal. Some put the bezel on the housing then try to smoosh the lens on, that doesn't work well.
This is the way I do it except I run the oven at 210-220 and depending on the lights check them at 7mins , 10mins , 12min and longer on some until I find the right time for the make and year . While it glue is still hot I use a Snap On hook tool to pull out all the old glue and reseal with fresh butyl . Everyone has their own way , just start off with a lower temp until you get the hang and comfort of it . Good luck on the mod and if you have more questions just ask .

If I can ever get a free moment I need to open mine back up and install the Hella E55 Bixenon D2 projectors and Red and White LED strobes .
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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